Welcome to an eco-living experience

We are offering you an experience of living more simply, making the maximum use of renewable resources, re-cycling wherever possible and learning along with us how to become more self-sufficient in food and other products.

The Retreat

The land consists of 30 acres divided broadly into 5 areas of major interest and learning experiences: a nature reserve, a Maya village mound site, agricultural land, reclaimed sugar land enriched with wild fruit trees, and living quarters supplied by renewable resources. For an interactive satellite view of the property, click on the image to the right.

These are managed in a holistic or integrated way. We promote respect for all life, all religions, self development, and a way of living that is in harmony with nature.

The nearest store is in Xaibe a mile away and we are 5 miles from the small town of Corozal in north Belize.

Our Approach

Henry and Rose Elwell

Your hosts are Rose and Henry Elwell.

We are offering hands-on experiences doing what we have to do day by day to create a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with Nature. We do not profess to be experts in any subject as we are on a new adventure. You can join us on this adventure and have the freedom to choose what you wish to be involved in and what you wish to learn.

The choices are:

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