Meditation Practice and Other Events

The spiritual aspect of the Retreat is to encourage interested seekers how to meditate based on the teachings of the Enlightened Ones.

We offer:

Events in 2017

Open Day, 29th January 2017

The day began before sunrise with an early morning bird walk on which 50 species were identified by sight and/or sound. It was led by Hugo Sanchez whose youthful eyes, ears and enthusiasm were an inspiration.

Then there was a tour of the Maya site led this year by Andreas Novello who is a neighbour and also a qualified tour guide. He gave a talk on Maya culture to start with and then showed the group the village site on the Retreat which is looking so lovely now it has been further cleared.

Beverley Turner, who made the delicious smoothies brimming with health last year, came with her smoothie making gear and also have a talk on Create your own Health in which she explained the empowering benefits of eating right. It was like a mini-workshop really and people found it fascinating and informative.

Then Christina (of singing fame) led a group on a sort of scavenger hunt in which they used all their senses to experience the garden – sounds and sight obviously but also touch and smell. As one woman, a city girl, a New Yorker said, she will for evermore see and hear the birds in a different way.

And of course we sang, and we ate and I sold my Clothes by Rose, Henry sold literature and talked to people about the Retreat, and folk just hung out enjoying the tranquility that has now become such a feature of the Retreat.

Events from 2016

In 2016 we had an Open House and bi-monthly Meditation Days.

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Events from 2015

In 2015 we had an Open House, an Enneagram Workshop, and Meditation Days.

Events from 2013

In 2013 we had a an Enneagram Workshop, a Satsang with Kantilal, an Open House, and a Garden Club meeting.

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