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Satsang means Sat - Truth and Sanga - company.

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The Truth Seeker’s Guide to the Bible

As soon as one of God’s children begins earnestly to seek Him, the Path opens before that devotee in a most mysterious and divine way. As if from nowhere, the most appropriate information and people begin to manifest before him and lead him to the goal he so desires. This has been the experience of every sincere seeker throughout all time and many there are who will attest to the Truth.

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The Way of Jesus the Christ

Jesus was the Master of his day. Like all the Enlightened Ones of all ages throughout history he taught a definitive ‘Way’ to God: the Inner Way. He taught that, irrespective of any superficial differences of race, culture, religion and gender, we are all divine offspring of God and the ultimate purpose of human life is to re-unite with the Source that gave birth to us before the world began.

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The Song of Songs

Solomon’s Song is not just a story of one man’s life but that of every man and woman. It relates the battle in which we are all engaged, that of overcoming our worldly desires and freeing ourselves from captivity in the world of gross matter. As Solomon shows, the inner enemies that hide the purity of the soul from view cannot be overcome in one lifetime. Indeed, even though this great monarch had such deep inner experiences, his Song of Songs reveals that by the end of his earthly life he had not yet freed himself from the same base instinct that had caused mankind, as the archetypal Adam and Eve, to be expelled from the Garden of Eden.

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The Wayfaring Man

Although ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ is enjoyed mostly as a colourful adventure story, John Bunyan wrote it as a serious spiritual allegory depicting the journey every worldly wayfaring man must one day undertake to his Celestial Home. His genius is not just reflected in his colourful characters and their adventures but in the depth of spiritual knowledge he was able to access while incarcerated in a lonely prison cell for the absurd crime of having preached in public places without the authority of the Church and Crown. I hope that my interpretation of his work does justice to this courageous love of God.

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The Forgotten Story of Mankind

In describing the meanings hidden within such spiritual masterpieces as the Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babel, Noah’s Ark, Jacob’s Ladder, Jonah and the Whale, David and Goliath and many other biblical passages, this book reveals the forgotten story of mankind: where we came from, the purpose of the world, why we are here, our final goal and how best to achieve life’s purpose.

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A Scripture for Mankind

Contrary to popular belief, the Revelation of St John the Divine is not a prophesy of various apocalyptic events about to strike mankind but a sublime treatise on the inner path to God written by one of Christendom’s greatest mystics. Surely anyone reading this work of St John with an open mind will be transformed by the time they reach the last page.

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