Letter from Belize no. 40

28 January 2015

Wow, it is exactly 6 months since my last newsletter. I apologise for this. I had huge computer problems but I am now set up with a new one and have sorted out my address book laboriously as it was, for some reason, the one thing that I was not able to transfer from the old computer. So, back in business.

What I will do is highlight our activities month by month so you can catch up with la vie Belize.

Rains came late this year so August, which would normally be pretty wet, remained much dryer than usual. While it meant it was very hot, it was great from 2 other points of view – one that the mosquitoes were not so bad and the other that the potholes were not so bad.

There was a storm however that brought this tree down.

And I started a new hobby/fundraiser in the form of making clothes suitable for very hot weather. I had got so fed up with my own clothes looking very faded and worn out and realised other people must be struggling in the same way. You cannot find cotton in the whole of Central America it seems. But I did notice that a lot of the 2nd hand clothes are made from very nice cottons and linens.

So I buy 2nd hand skirts or dresses or even men’s shirts and restyle them into something cool.

We also had bats in the belfry.

And Dan encountered his first tortoise.

In September Belize celebrated Independence Day with a splendid parade with floats that must have taken ages to build. Trouble was it was so hot by the time of the parade it must have been quite gruelling.

Rains came and the pool in the fern garden filled with water and frogs needed to be cleared out of the gutters.

In October it was still raining and while the garden burgeoned, I celebrated my birthday with my lovely women friends and scones with lashings of cream.

November was great. We had a visit from our old Bulawayo (now California) friend Kiran. That meant a lot of talking, a bit of gardening, and even some singing and meditation. It was magic.

November also meant Thanksgiving which we shared with some friends in town in their wooden cabin like a tree house – a chilly day you can see from the long sleeves.

Did you know that Thanksgiving was originally to thank the Native American people for showing the early settlers the best crops to grow after a disastrous season that left many dead – that was before the wholesale slaughter of the very same people.

December of course was Christmas.

And January was spent sewing, sewing, sewing and preparing for our annual Open Day which we held last Sunday with live music, vendors selling wood carvings, farm produce and clothes as well as tours around the Mayan site. We reckon we had 50 to 60 people attend. Dan fell completely in love with this baby.

So a wonderful and busy time. But there has also been a lot of time for reflection and contemplation and getting more and more to grips with what is really important in life. I am grateful to be in a place that allows more stillness and slowness and the place and space to really look inside and to simply learn to BE what we truly are.

My love to you all,

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