Letter from Belize no. 50

25th February 2016

“Backson bizy backson”. Those of you who were brought up on the delights of A A Milne and Winnie the Pooh may remember this note left on the door by Christopher Robin. That is how I feel. I keep expecting to be “backson” from my “bizyness”. It has taken ages but at last I am here, back again.

At the end of January we had a visit from our fellow directors of the Belize Gateway Trust Foundation from the UK, Chris and David Harris, and that coincided with our annual Open Day. Both events were fantastic. It was so good having the Harries here, not only to show them more of Belize, but also to have their input and ideas and enormous help. As you can see we soon put them to work.

The Open Day this year took on a theme of healthy living and good eating, one of those things that kind of morphed by just running across the right people at the right time. Chris Harris started the day with a yoga session.

There were presentations and handouts on ‘Nutrition for Health and Healing’ as well as ‘Diabetes and Eating Addiction’. Chris Harris also offered Reiki sessions and Nach, massage therapist extraordinaire, gave some treatments. There was a raffle with, among its prizes, a produce basket from the local Rehab centre, an amazing not so healthy but definitely delicious chocolate cake and a voucher for a session with our local chiropractor. On sale were wood carvings, beautiful cards of photos taken on the Retreat made by the Harris’s daughter Olivia, spiritual books and writings and the hand dyed linen clothes that I have been making. We also offered tours around the Maya site and served delicious dips and cakes. We reckon we had between 60 and 70 people through the day. Wonderful really and it looks like we are getting ourselves on the map and people are beginning to seek us out.

While Chris and David were here I took them to the Corozal House of Culture which is celebrating its 4th anniversary. It is a marvelous community centre that “serves to promote culture and offer a medium for exposure to local artists” and “to preserve our historical sites, in particular the old market of Corozal Town”.

Debra, who works there, had been finding it almost impossible to track down any information about the building which dates back to 1886 when it was originally set up by the British as a market place, one of only 2 such covered markets in Belize. Chris, who turns out to be a fiendish researcher, managed to source some very valuable information about the market, how it was to be run, what could be sold and by whom (all very colonial British in its detail) and Debra was able to use this information in the banners that were unveiled at the official anniversary celebration yesterday. Isn’t that great.

Check out their website http://corozal.com/culture/hofc and they are also on Facebook.

While all this “bizyness” has been going on the garden has been busy too but it just gets on with it quietly and modestly. Look, we had out first orchid flower. It is the black orchid, very much revered in Belize as its national flower.

So I guess that is all for now.

My best wishes and love to you all

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