Letter from Belize no. 52

5th May 2016

May Day 2010 Henry moved on to the retreat property. He had a small backpack of clothes, a laptop, a table, a chair, a mattress, a mosquito net and a pickup truck. He constructed a rudimentary tent by hanging a tarpaulin over a rope suspended between 2 trees. He shared it with some scorpions and a zillion mosquitoes until the Mennonite house he had ordered was delivered at the end of July.

May Day 2016 we held one of our bi-monthly meditation days.

The theme was “Music” referring not so much to commercial music to be enjoyed at concerts or on the radio or whatever people listen to music on but to the inner music or vibration that plays continuously within us and because of which we connect with and respond to outer music. All this is explained so well by Sufi teacher and musician Hazrat Inayat Kahn who says, “the whole of life in all its aspects is one single music”.

“When we pay attention to nature’s music, we find that every thing on the earth contributes to its harmony. The trees joyously wave their branches in rhythm with the wind; the sound of the sea, the murmuring of the breeze, the whistling of the wind through rocks, hills and mountains; the flash of lightning, and the crash of the thunder, the harmony of the sun and moon, the movements of the stars and planets, the blooming of the flower, the fading of the leaf, the regular alternation of morning, evening, noon and night, all reveal to the seer the music of nature.”

— Hazrat Inayat Kahn

I think he is someone who understood the meaning of living in harmony with nature because he realised he was the very harmony itself.

Yesterday we recorded the highest temperature since we got our faithful thermometer. 98°F (37°C). What can I say? “It’s hot”, is an understatement. We turn the fan on and it churns around already hot air. My eyelids sweat. My glasses steam up. My energy levels are low. But hey, you know what? The mosquitoes are right down as there has been no rain for a month.

The birds are full of energy as it is nesting time. Last year you may remember I avidly followed the story of the Hooded Orioles who built their nest on the back veranda, hatched in round 1 what turned out to be 2 black cowbird babies and one of their own but went on to lay a 2nd clutch and successfully hatched 3 of their own.

So this year they moved house to the front veranda and a couple of days ago I spotted 2 skinny naked scrawny necks reaching up for food glorious food.  Gosh, I am just thinking it is so hot I hope they don’t get dehydrated.

Elsewhere there is still a frenzy of nesting activity and territorial disputes. That urge to reproduce is so strong and it has to be – the dangers are untold and the chances of survival are slim.

Learning patience in life is one of the greatest challenges. And again we can look to nature to see how time is of no importance and yet the timing is perfect. Every time we have a pineapple we chop off the leafy bit at the top and plant it. 3 years later – Voila! Perfection. I imagine this one will take a while to reach full growth. Looking forward to eating it.

I will end with some photos of the beautiful Botanical Gardens I visited in Puerto Vallarta Mexico recently. The most tranquil place.

My best wishes and love to you all

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