Letter from Belize no. 59

29th December 2016

The year end always seems to bring a time for reflection and looking back over yet another year that has zoomed by. Is it me or do they seem to zoom faster every year?

At the Retreat I think one might say it has been busy, hugely varied and very rewarding.

It started in January with a visit from our UK directors Chris and David Harris and our annual open day.

Click on any of these photos for a larger view.

Following on from then there have been some great events including an Art workshop where the garden was the canvas and the environment provided the materials.

There were weekly satsangs as well as meditation days every two months ending with a wonderful Christmas meditation. For the success of these we have to thank:

Christina and Brad who provide the music and always find new songs to contribute to the theme of the event

Rita, Beth and Roy and Adam for their commitment to Satsang and the Retreat

And we also acknowledge the huge help from Jan and Judy Wilson towards maintaining the website.

People are such an important part of one’s life – essential in fact, not just important. Some friends left this year as to return to America or Canada and sadly there have been several deaths of some very dear people and we remember Jim, Dan, Earl and Rob who had all visited or contributed to the Retreat.

In October of course was the wonderful reunion between Henry and his old friend and colleague Horst Vogel who inspired all with his fantastic photos.

After which I just couldn’t settle back to my little old “point and shoot” camera and so guess what I got for a Christmas present – and Christmas past and Christmas future? A Nikon, the most luxurious bit of gear I have ever had (well apart from my MacBook, let me not be disloyal to that). I have a lot to learn but I am getting there and through the lens am enjoying the flora

both wild

and domestic

And the fauna,

both wild

and domestic

Other highlights have been developing a new garden which is beginning to take shape

Our deep thanks to all who support the Retreat and make it possible. From far off Belize we wish you joy and dancing into 2017.

Our love
Rose and Henry

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