Gateway Retreat Belize

Gateway Retreat is situated on 30 acres of forest near Corozal Town in northern Belize Central America

A Spiritual Centre:

Gateway is a place to retreat into yourself, to meditate and seek spiritual growth.


The Birth of an Ashram:

Currently a single-family house with guest room and with the potential to be developed into a spiritual community.

About Us

A Natural Area:

Native flora and fauna are protected on these 30 acres of natural forest and include a tree trail and sculpture and ornamental gardens.

Natural Area

A Historical Maya Site:

The mounds of an ancient Maya village are preserved for future generations.

Maya Village

A living demonstration:

Gateway illustrates living sustainably in harmony with Nature using renewable resources.


Latest Newsletter

See Newsletter 94 for Living off the grid.

Latest Newsletter


Due to an increase in numbers of cases we are unable to hold workshops. Sunday satsang continues at 2pm on Whatsapp.


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