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The Gateway Retreat is sponsored by The Belize Gateway Trust Foundation, a Belize registered Not for Profit Company dedicated to establishing and maintaining a Spiritual Retreat in Belize. This is a place to experience simple living in harmony with nature. This project aims to provide an opportunity for like-minded people to grow spiritually in a loving and supportive environment. The Belize Gateway Trust Foundation welcomes suitable individuals and or families to join in with the work of the Retreat, in long or short-term accommodation, bringing with them their own gift and passions to help build a strong, vibrant and sustainable community.

Visitors are invited to experience a much slower pace of life in which they can enjoy the wide and varied flora and fauna, learn to manage renewable water and electricity resources and become more self sufficient in food production. There is also the opportunity for those seeking spiritual growth to practice meditation and follow the teachings of the Masters, Saints or Enlightened Ones of all religions.


Andy and Ann Kenyon

David Harris

Christine Harris


Kantilal Naran

It was Kantilal who first had a vision of developing a retreat in Central America. He lives in Canada and keeps in close contact with the management and spiritual aspect of the Retreat.

Henry Elwell

Manager of the Retreat. Henry came to Belize in 2010, built the first house on the site and has developed the cropping area. He also manages the water and solar electrics.

Rose Elwell

Co-manager of the Retreat and responsible for the PR and organizing events. She has designed and developed the ornamental gardens and made the garden sculptures.

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