Meditation Practice, Events

The spiritual aspect of the Retreat is to encourage interested seekers how to meditate based on the teachings of the Enlightened Ones.

We offer:

  • Every day begins with prayers, meditation and Satsang from 0530 till 0730. Guests may attend if they wish.
  • Satsangs are held on Sunday afternoon at 2pm.
  • Women’s Spiritual Book Group held on the first Monday of every month.
  • Additional Workshops held and advertised separately.

May/June 2020

An art class was run at Gateway Retreat during May and June following social distancing regulations. Work was discussed and shown and then carried out in each person’s own home.

In Part One, the group was asked to bring along an object that was of particular value and meaning to them. They were then asked to created an object or painting inspired by it, not a direct replica but as aspect of it.

A ceramic rabbit given to a participant by a 10 year of child whose family she was joining, inspired this beautiful rose quartz pendant; rose quartz being the stone of universal love and harmony in relationships. The delicate wiring work on it shows the inter-twining of families, those we are born into and those we marry into.

An exotic possibly Middle eastern incense burner with an interesting story about its provenance led to an exploration of how to replicate the motion of smoke with this ingenious piece of recycling of a plastic bottle.

A Kindle regarded by the participant as her lifeline lead to a long length of zipper representing the "life-line” with names of favourite book titles and authors being sewn on to it, which, when zipped up, creates a case for the kindle.

In Part Two the students were asked to take photos of things in their gardens and then to zoom in to a particular part that attracted their attention and from this to make a painting of the enlargement.

This was a wood rose held over the swimming pool.

This was zooming into the centre of a calla lily.

A detail of an exotic looking fungus.

March 2020

A special one-day retreat with Dr Sandra Fligehen on Deepening awareness through Communication.

February 2020 Open Day

Our Annual Open Day for 2020 focused on Healthy Living for Body, Mind and Soul, including a bird walk in Maya site with Raul Manzanilla, the Maya ritual of gratitude and acknowledgement to the Cardinal points by Faustino Yam and Andy Chuc, Communing with the Forest with Christina Leuteman and Rose Elwell, Tai Chi Chih exhibition led by Beverly Miles, Reiki Sessions with Cheryl Olson and Beth Laseter, Music with Brad, Christina and friends. Out of this world Refreshments provided by Sonja Jamison, raffle, sale items.

February 2020

Gateway had a table at the Love Fair in Central Park, Corozal promoting Gateway Retreat and its activities.

December 2019

A session on Socratic Dialogue led by Jess Elwell visiting from Canada.

December 2019

Art in the Park selling cards, framed photos and Gateway Retreat Bags.

October 2019

Enneagram Workshop. We had 7 participants with 2 No Twos, a No Four, a No Five, 2 Eights and a Nine.

September 2019

Gateway’s table at Art in the Park for Independence celebrations.

February 2019

Gateway ran an art class on life drawing at the Corozal House of Culture with a very enthusiastic group of aspiring artists.


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