Letter from Belize no. 68

20th October 2017

Those of you from Zimbabwe will know how good they are there at making jokes about any difficulty they face like, for example, the pot hole problem. There’s the one that asks, “What is the definition of a drunk driver?” and the answer is, “Someone who drives straight”.

Well with the late rains in Belize the roads have completely fallen to pieces. Sometimes the holes are 4 or 5 inches deep and there are so many and so close together that it takes a contortionist to miss them. Sometimes you simply can’t avoid them and if you hit one it really shakes you up – and the vehicle. Then what happens is that in order to avoid the potholes people drive off the road on to the dirt verges and they in turn become deeply rutted and potholed and equally impassable. Last week I had to get the truck repaired – broken spring, probably the legacy of nearly 20 years of juddering its way over such roads. The mechanic delivered it once the job was done and while driving him back home he suddenly says, “You know that all roads into Corozal lead to Heaven?” “Oh” I say, “Really?” “You wannna know why?” he prompts me. “Yea, sure.” “Because the roads are so Holy,” he chortles in merriment and continues to chuckle while bouncing our way through this nightmare of holes.

On the same road sits this sign, Patt being the local MP and UDP being the ruling party. A stretch of road, say from town to our local village, may have some parts in pretty good nick while others like this one remain neglected. Very selective repairs go on.

Road to Gateway

The next day there was one of those tar mixing bull dozer type vehicles on the road with no less than 7 people filling in the lacy bits or broken edges of the road. Well to be more accurate 2 were filling in and 5 were supervising. Not the actual potholes mind you, just the edges.

It is coming up for 6 years in November since I moved to live at Gateway Retreat and for Henry it will be 8 years in January. Time I think for a bit of before and after nostalgia.



2010 first water supply

2017 present day system

2011 first veggie garden

2017 veggie garden



2011 very green
new arrival

somewhat more wizened
but wiser by 2017

Our love to you all

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