Letter from Belize no. 88

12th May 2020

I know, I know I do bang on about the birds but you can’t ignore them when you are here. The bird sound is constant, the nesting activity is riveting and the whole atmosphere at this time of year is charged with defending and protecting.

This is the diary of the Blue-grey Tanager which we have been privileged to get this “bird’s eye view” of from the front veranda.

26th April

Nest building begins

1st May

I spot the parents at the back of the house doing some old fashioned courting.

18th May

Sitting on the eggs.

26th May

2 babies hatch.

1st June

One parent baby-sits while the other searches for food and feeds the chicks.

6th June

I am surprised to see there is only one chick in the nest. Seems the smaller one did not flourish.

8th June

And it is growing rapidly and beginning to look more like it parents.

9th June

Now it is testing its boundaries, standing right on the edge of the nest and flexing its wings.

10th June

It can’t wait to get out of there and explore the great beyond.

The parents are tirelessly feeding it to give it the strength for its maiden flight.

11th June


The nest is empty!


The parents are in a nearby tree calling in their soft high pitched voices.


One of the parents peers into the nest.


I finally spot the baby as it comes to the outer edge of the tree.


Take Off!!

What a treat. May it go well in this journey of Life.

With our love to all and our hopes that you are keeping safe and well,


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