Cold Fronts and Birds

Cold fronts come sweeping down from the USA at this time of the year, bringing cooler spells in the 80s (30 Deg. C) and sometimes a welcome shower or two. The sunny days provide abundant solar energy to keep the pump drawing water from our well to irrigate the gardens and crops. It’s a good time for bird watchers as the leaves on the trees thin out during the dry season and many of our colourful bird-friends are easily visible and many queue up in pecking order for a dip in the bird bath in the OM garden just below the high veranda.

Incoming cold front

The orioles are very territorial and seem to spend most of their days attacking their reflection in any shiny surface. When they started to peck through the fly screen on the French door to the bedroom, we mounted two mirrors, one on each side of a veranda post. These days it is not uncommon to see the large orioles attacking themselves in the mirror on one side of the post while their smaller cousins hurl themselves furiously at the one on the other side.

Male and female hooded orioles at the mirror on the house column

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