Frogs in the well

Once upon a time there were several small frogs living in a deep well. For many years they were quite happy living down in their small dark world with just a tiny ring of sky for their roof. Then a day arrived when one of the small frogs became curious and wondered what lay beyond the well. For many days he tried to clamber up the wet sides of the well, sometimes making progress, sometimes slipping back. But eventually he made it to the top and gazed around in wonder at the vastness of the world surrounding him.

“Hey!” he cried to his friends below. “It’s an incredible sight. I can see fields and hills stretching away into the distance all around me, and the sky is endless too.”

But the small frogs at the bottom of the well, looking upwards, could see only the head of their friend outlined against a tiny circle of sky and did not believe him.

Source: “Dancing with Foxes,” by Henry Elwell.

— H.A.E.

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