Twelve facts we once knew

  1. The highest understanding is that there is no God-and-us. There is only the Unity.
  2. The Unity divided Itself into diversity to produce us and Creation.
  3. We are essentially the Unity imbue with the sense of being separate from It.
  4. The true nature of this separate Self is Unconditional Love and Joy.
  5. The life within us is that separate Self. Collectively it is the indivisible Unity.
  6. In reality we and all things are still part of the Unity and interact accordingly.
  7. The ego is the soul that has forgotten its true nature and become earth-bound.
  8. This ego is the cause of all the antagonism, exploitation, and suffering in the world.
  9. This is a world of impeccable justice. There are no victims – What we sow we reap.
  10. Nature reflects the state of our collective consciousness as harmony or natural disasters – man cannot harm nature without harming himself.
  11. All worthwhile knowledge exists within us and true education is to bring this out.
  12. The goal in life is to return to the Unity.

— H.A.E.

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