At Gateway Retreat we practise living more simply, making the maximum use of renewable resources, re-cycling wherever possible and learning how to become more self-sufficient.

The Retreat

The land consists of 30 acres divided broadly into 5 areas of major interest and learning experiences: a nature reserve, a Maya village mound site, vegetable and ornamental gardens, reclaimed sugar land enriched with wild fruit trees, and living quarters supplied by renewable resources. For an interactive satellite view of the property, click on the image to the right.

These are managed in a holistic or integrated way. We promote respect for all life, all religions, self development, and a way of living that is in harmony with nature.

The nearest store is in Xaibe a mile away and we are 5 miles from the small town of Corozal in north Belize.

We have guest accommodation for two and while we do not charge a room rate we would always welcome a donation or participation in anything that needs to be done on the land.

Our Approach

  • meditation and the theory and practice of Self-development
  • day to day management of renewable resources
  • conserving water and electricity
  • reuse/recycling of materials and resources
  • growing your own food sustainably
  • recognition of wild plants and their uses
  • protecting bird and animal life in the nature reserve
  • harvesting and storing our own seeds


Serenity Sands B&B specializes in organic growing.

Sustainable Harvest International, Belize.

Wildtracks preservation of wildlife.

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