Visiting Gateway Retreat

Visitors are invited to experience a much slower pace of life in which they can enjoy the wide and varied flora and fauna, learn to manage renewable water and electricity resources and become more self sufficient in food production. There is also the opportunity for those seeking spiritual growth to practice meditation and follow the teachings of the Masters, Saints or Enlightened Ones of all religions.

Local Visitors

Notify us of your intended dates to visit and of your interests. Besides joining us in daily meditations, twice weekly satsangs, and the monthly women’s group, we can also arrange tours of the Maya site, gardens, and tree trail. Check out the Gateway Retreat slide show and the Visitors’ Guide to Belize.

Visitors to Belize

At present we have guest accommodation consisting of a room with 2 single beds, small bathroom and tea or coffee making facilities on the ground floor of the current residence. It is basic in terms of privacy and supply of water and electricity but is ideal for a short visit.

Longer Stays

Until we have self contained accommodation it is very possible to stay in Corozal town and visit the Retreat on a daily basis. The Retreat is only 5 miles/8 km or 13 minutes by car from Corozal Town, where you can find hotels, guest houses, restaurants, food vendors, grocery stores, and produce markets. For hotel, taxi, and other vendors in Corozal, go to "Links".


Here are the terms relating to use of the Gateway Retreat.

  1. The Gateway Retreat does not have public liability insurance so visitors are requested to cover themselves for any illness, injuries, loss of or damage to possessions while on the property.
  2. Alcohol, recreational drugs and firearms are prohibited.
  3. We ask visitors to respect our policy of keeping the property free of litter.
  4. We do not allow killing of wildlife or the removal or destruction of plants and insects.
  5. Removal of Maya artefacts is prohibited by Belize law, as is any damage to Maya structures.

Visitors’ Book

Sharda and Ishubhai Ramabhai

Harare, Zimbabwe
28 March to 2 April 2019

Sharda and Ishubhai Ramabhai

My first visit here to visit Rose and Henry, old soul friends from Zimbabwe. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Loved the beautiful birds. I love nature and saw the most beautiful formation of branches and vines, even the dry leaves on the floor gave me pleasure - all the different colours of brown and oranges making a carpet on the ground. Most of all I enjoyed the peace, harmony and silence. We had beautiful spiritual readings and talks - make me rejoice with the words, “Oh what a wonderful world”. Thank you Rose and Henry.

— Sharda

Nice to come to Masters’s retreat and spend time with Rose and Henry, friends from Zim. We did experience Master’s love.

— Ishubhai

Horst Vogel

Coubaril, Castries, Saint Lucia
24th to 26th February 2018

Horst Vogel, middle

This is the third time that I’ve come here in as many successive years. Each time I enjoy, indeed I double enjoy, the company of my old friend and fomer colleague Henry and his lovely wife Rose. I also deeply enjoy the peace and tranquility of this little forest island, a truly natural island of peace and harmony. I wish Henry and Rose all the very best, good health in particular, and that all their good wishes may come true.

Ruth Hargrove

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
February 16th to March 2nd 2018

Ruth Hargrove

This 2 week stay has been ‘just what the doctor ordered’! I needed R&R after a fairly crazy 6 months. Rose and I had a full on time at Caye Caulker and I did the boat day trip to Lamanai. The rest of the time I have enjoyed the beauty and tranquility of this retreat. I have slept lots, eaten Rose’s lovely meals and had time to spend quietly on my Bible study. I have known Rose and Henry since Rose and I were in our 20s. Haven’t seen them for some 20 years. All the very best to the two of you dear people.

Elodie Marie

Marseille, France
February 10th to 16th 2018

Elodie Marie

We had a lovely time, full of blessings and spirituality at Gateway Retreat, Corozal. Also quite a culture shock to land in a Caribbean-Central American country with so much variety. Sounded like New Orleans in the 50s, with wooden houses on stilts. Gateway Retreat is so peaceful and replenishing. We learned a lot thanks to the satsangs from Henry, and Rose is an admirable host. Hope to see you soon and you are welcome to France anytime.

Sparky Mark Baldwin

The world, Hereford and Chamonix
February 10th to 16th 2018

Sparky Mark Baldwin

It has been wonderful, having followed your newsletters, to see Gateway Retreat for real, and to spend time with you both again after all these years. To a soundtrack of many birds, we have surfed the whole variety of Corozal culture from Maya cuisine and history, to American folk jamming; from “Bel-Mex” street food to artistic pursuits on paper …. and all punctuated by the steady pulse of sitting, breathing, satsang, wisdom from many sources. And beans ……. harvesting, eating, digesting – the whole process continues. Thanks Rose and Henry for your ongoing dedication to the cause.

Jess Elwell, Jacob Koolman

Sooke, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
23 December 2017 to 4 January 2018

Jess and Jake

Another lovely trip to spend time with my dear parents. Each year that I manage to make it here I love to explore what has grown, been developed and to learn all of the new wonderful facts that these two have absorbed over their time here. The Retreat is looking fantastic and what a wonderful place to ‘retreat’ from life and to be reminded of the things that really matter. Keep up the effort you two, you are truly inspirational.

A note to all. This is the perfect time of year to come – no humidity, no bities

— Jess

My first trip to Belize and the Gateway Retreat and a wonderful Christmas and New Year with Rose and Henry. I enjoyed exploring the property, learning about the jungle plants and animals and particularly the Mayan mounds. There is a great serenity and character here, an amazing place to relax. A Beautiful place.

— Jake

Anne Castle

Gloucestershire, UK
10 November to 20 November 2017

My first visit to Belize and Gateway Retreat to see my sister and Henry. It has been very moving and overwhelming to see how much Rose and Henry have achieved in 6 or 7 years – turning a rough bit of land into a beautiful and productive garden.

The little I have seen of the country has been so interesting and reminded me often of other places and times. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I have not enjoyed the humidity and the biting insects though.

Emily Mundy

York, U.K., August 2017

I spent 2 lovely days at the Gateway Retreat, and it was so good for the soul! It’s so beautiful and restful, I was so at ease, completely content and inspired. I loved seeing the rainwater and solar power systems and the food garden. The forest is full of things to explore and learn and the sculptures are lovely and thought provoking. I wish I could have stayed a lot longer!

Horst M. Vogel

Saint Lucia (West Indies), October 2016

In mid-October 2016, I visited the Gateway Retreat in northern Belize to meet up with my former workmate Henry Elwell and his wife Rose. I went there full of excitement and pleasant anticipation.

Because Henry, 19 years my senior, had been more than just a colleague to me during the six years (1988-94) that we worked together in conservation tillage in Zimbabwe. His razor-sharp scientific mind, his thoroughness in work, and his persistent spiritual quest had always fascinated me and had been a treasure trove of professional and personal experiences.

But, then, in June 1994, my assignment to Zimbabwe came to a close and though we’d maintained contact initially, we ultimately lost track of each other. I guess we both moved houses too often!

And now, just over 22 years later, I meet with him again and, amazingly, it was as if we’d never parted! Good old Henry still has the same incorruptible, marvelous approach to life. I felt at home at once!

And, because of his and Rose’s ease and unobtrusiveness, I also decelerated most peacefully. Their beautiful agricultural and ornamental gardens, both embedded in a protective fairies’ forest that presented me with some beautiful hummingbird and other wildlife observations, did the rest!

Rose & Henry have achieved an overall aesthetics, which is well rounded! While Rose keeps adding an artistic note to the Gateway Retreat, Henry keeps setting the agro-ecological mark.

Not surprisingly then, I enjoyed a most wonderful extended weekend. Thank you both kindly!

Heartfelt thanks also to Chris (Harris), who was kind enough to establish contact early this year.

Chris and David Harris

Worcester, UK, Jan/Feb 2016

Mid January 2016 saw us heading back to the Gateway Retreat in Corozal, Belize, for a second visit.

It was lovely to see the Retreat how much Rose had developed the Om & Fern gardens and also Henry’s extension to the vegetable plot since we last visited in December 2013.

One of the main highlights of our visit was having the opportunity of being present at the Retreat Open Day on January 31st. After being able to help with the final couple of days’ preparation, we enjoyed meeting so many of last year’s supporters and also some new ones.

The morning Satsang each day was particularly peaceful, beginning in the darkness and coming to an end sometime after sunrise. We were fortunate enough also to have been able to participate in the weekend Satsang and meet the Retreat Satsangees.

This time we also took the opportunity to visit some new parts of Belize and experience the local transport, taking the Thunderbolt over to San Pedro and onward to Caye Caulker for a few days, and then a local bus from Corozal down to Crooked Tree Lodge — both highly recommended.

Kiran Paragji

California, USA, November 2014

First of all my deep thanks for arranging and accommodating me during my visit to Belize. I greatly appreciate your hospitality and concern in every aspect of my stay with you. This is what makes the Gateway Retreat a beautiful, relaxing and stress free place. You take the burden of worry away. Thank You.

The beautiful satsang sessions we had every morning and the in depth talks we shared were wonderful. I like Henry’s philosophy that we need to grow with the environment so that all life thrives in the best way it should. This would really be a true example of SPIRIT in MOTION.

Jan Hulin

Wales, UK, June 2014

I was very lucky to be able to stay with my dear friends Rose and Henry at the Gateway Retreat last year for about 6 weeks. In that time I got to know a little about life in Belize in general and at the retreat in particular. I loved the rhythm of life there and the chance to be more in tune with nature (apart from the dreaded Doctor flies which took great delight in biting me!). I loved learning about the vegetables/plants from Henry in the garden, then researching some and cooking with them creating new, interesting dishes. I loved cooking and experimenting and sharing our meals around the table — my favourite pastime! Rose introduced me to the birdlife in the garden, the brightly coloured orioles singing, nest building and generally being very busy and the gorgeous iridescent Yukatan Jays flashing bright, bright blue as they enjoyed the corn. I felt very privileged to be part of their lives there in such a beautiful setting which they have lovingly, with an unbelievable amount of hard labour and dedication, turned in to a magical oasis of lushness and growth.

Laura Klavitter

Iowa, USA, April 2014

As my time with Rose and Henry at Gateway Retreat is coming to a close, after three weeks in their company, I have had time to reflect on just how grateful I am to have such wonderful people in my life. During my stay, I have not only learned a great deal about agriculture in Belize, I have also grown to appreciate who I am and all that I am capable of. Together, we have planted crops (following the moon cycles and ancient mayan practices), collected wild legume seed to be planted as soil enrichment, harvested mung beans and ghost peppers and reorganized the Fern and Om garden.

I have helped test the specific gravity of the solar batteries, embraced living with rain collection water systems and solar energy, and even learned how to bake bread rolls! We have laughed, meditated, and shared our lives together and it is through this exchange of energy that the insight to understand the value of life became a little more clear.

The Harris Family

Worcester, UK, December 2013

Henry and Rose are wonderful hosts and we were made to feel very comfortable. It’s easy to become absorbed very quickly in the lush greenness and tranquillity of the Retreat and it is evident how much thought and hard work has gone into planning how the land will be used and also into clearing it, whilst retaining as much of the natural beauty as possible. Henry showed us many of the eco friendly aspects of the Retreat including the solar panels, well and pump and explained some of the agricultural techniques, such as taking forest litter to improve the soil quality. We also explored the surrounding grounds, seeing the Mayan well, the newly exposed Mayan Mounds and also appreciated Rose’s work on the Om garden and her sculptures. The guest room is very comfortable indeed and surprisingly cool. Rose and Henry provided delicious meals upstairs.

Kantilal Naran

Ontario, Canada, July 2013

Immediately on arriving I felt at home in Belize. The countryside and the towns and villages and in some places the lay of the land, even the potholes and the garbage, made me feel like I was back in Zimbabwe or for that matter even my village in India.

The atmosphere at the retreat is very peaceful and I was fortunate to be there during the mango and avocado season. This is the right way to eat, when the fruits are in season. So many people that I came to know during my very short stay gave us gifts of bananas, guavas, bread fruit a new one called marmee as well as the avocados and mangos. I also enjoyed all of the fresh veggies, green peppers, sweet potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes from the garden. I was able to see the Mayan site and Henry showed me the cropping area. I saw how much hard work and time is necessary to transform the poor soil into fertile land.

Beverley Hargrove

Cape Town, South Africa, February 2013

Despite the miniature scale of Belize, the country has numerous and varied attractions to offer depending upon your interests. Our main focus was bird watching with a small dose of Mayan ruins. Two places which offered an abundance of birdlife as well as extremely good bird guides were Crooked Tree Lodge and La Milpa Ecolodge and Research Centre.

We spent several days on Caye Caulker which has a very relaxed ambience. There are plenty of good eating establishments and the snorkelling was excellent. The Belize Zoo is also on the highly recommended list, and we braved the traffic chaos of Belize City to go to the Museum, which was very informative and quite delightful.

John Hargrove

Cape Town, South Africa, February 2013

It has to be said that Rose and Henry have, between them, created a very lovely “space” in the forest near Corozal — and this has come about through incredibly hard work. Hacking that space out of fast-growing, almost jungle, vegetation, and just keeping the re-growth at bay is really an astonishing task. With that work, and the house that has been erected — including the lovely spare room, and also the beautiful little garden with Rose’s charming inputs, all make for precisely the kind of peaceful space required for the retreat.

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